Assignment 20

In this assignment we looked at spacial data sets. My data set is Chicago Health and Socio-Economics. The specific data I looked at was poverty rate in the year 2014.

This scatter plot is Moran’s I. The Poverty rate in 2014 is in a scatter plot above, and Moran’s I is 0.2536. This means there is a moderate clustering between poverty rates in 2014. There are a couple of outliers, but the correlation is positive. There is no clustering, although quadrant IV has less data points than the other three. With quadrant III having the most points together, and quadrant I and II having the most spread out points.

This map is 2014 poverty rates with local Moran’s I. The red on the map is high-high, meaning those counties have higher rates of poverty than their high numbers of poverty rate neighbors. The blue corresponds to the low poverty rates, lower than their low number of poverty rate neighbors. The light blue corresponds to low rates of poverty, though their neighbors have a high rate.